Warnayarra The Rainbow Snake

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Author: Pamela Lofts     Format: Paperback     Genre: Traditional Stories     Reading Level: Foundation, Lower Primary     Ages: 4 to 7     Pages: 32

This story is based on a story told by the Senior Boys Class at Lajamanu School, a bi-lingual school where Aboriginal children are taught to read and write their own language, Warlpiri. The illustrations are adapted from original paintings done by the children for their story. 

Abie Jangala said in Stories from Lajamanu, 'Since we came here, Lajamanu has changed a lot. Children have been born here and that means their Dreaming place is here. Our law and our ceremonies are still important to us; it is the law of Walyajarra, the people who lived and died thousands of years ago, and we cannot change that.'