Fruit Platter - Flowering Gum

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A medium size handcrafted fruit platter with a flowering gum design.

The Flowering Gum Fruit Platter is handmade in Australia by Don Sheil. Slight variations in the pattern, size or weight of an item may be apparent and should be considered as an intrinsic characteristic of the individual item. Every item of handcrafted tableware is unique and hand engraved with the makers trademark signature - making owning a piece a special acquisition.

The Flowering Gum Fruit Platter measures approx. 400mm (almost 16") in diameter and approx. 50mm (2") high. Made from an aluminium alloy the Fruit Platter never needs polishing, just hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry with a soft cloth. Do not put into a dishwasher and do not use abrasive products to clean.

The Flowering Gum Fruit Platter would be a great Australian gift for a special occasion.

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