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About Us

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About Us


For over 15 years Australiana Online has been the largest single internet retailer of Australian made gifts and souvenirs. Started by Rod Beach back in 2005 Australiana Online was established to fill a gap in the market place for genuine Australian made gifts and souvenirs. Internet retailing was in its infancy back then and manufacturers and suppliers were wary of fly-by-night internet retailers! How Australiana Online has proved them wrong. Whilst other websites have come and gone Rod and the team have celebrated 15 years of internet retailing in the Australian gift and souvenir industry. Australiana Online supplies individuals, groups, companies, schools, universities, government departments and overseas missions with quality Australian gifts and souvenirs. But more importantly, Australiana Online has managed to provide a superior level of customer service in the digital world, a level of personal service that you would normally find in a shop in a country town.

Australiana Online is based in Coffs Harbour on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. We are a registered Australian company, and our Australian Business Number is: 58 113 209 206. 

When you purchase any gifts and souvenirs from our range you can be confident you are purchasing a quality Australian product with a 100% 30 day money back guarantee, on a secure website, and that your privacy is important to us.

Before you purchase from another website ask yourself 3 simple questions, i) have a look at the website's contact details (if you can find them) - are they in Australia? ii) does the website belong to one online retailer or is it one website for a lot of retailers i.e. an online shopping mall - who are you going to contact if things go wrong? and iii) do you know if the product is made in Australia or is the other website selling products "designed in Australia" and made overseas - do you really want to buy your friend a koala made in China?

Australiana Online has never sold didgeridoos - whether made in Australia or overseas. We source our boomerangs from a company in Queensland run by Aboriginal families, and are confident they are a genuine Australian made Indigenous art boomerang. We value our reputation and our Customers' business and would never knowingly mislead or sell any item that is not the genuine article.



Why Buy From Australiana Online?

 Here are some reasons why:

  • We sell quality Australian made products and have been for over 15 years. We have seen competitors come and go but we continue to provide quality products and service - guaranteed.
  • We offer a great range of Australian gifts and souvenirs. We actually stock the products, don't be fooled by websites that say 'shipped direct from the factory/distributor to you - this is "double speak" for 'we don't actually have the products just a website, if there is a problem contact the manufacturer/distributor'!
  • We provide a 100% 30 day money back "No Risk Shopping" guarantee.
  • We are a member of Gift & Homewares Australia (Australian Gift & Homewares Association).
  • Australiana Online is our only business, we do not operate from a shop or market stall to distract us from directly serving our online customers.
  • We are located in Australia.
  • We provide clear contact details.
  • You can view our privacy policy online.
  • You can view our refunds and exchange policy online, some of our competitors don't display one.
  • You have a choice to make a secure purchase online, and pay by credit card, PayPal, cheque, or direct deposit.
  • This is our website, we are not part of a virtual shopping mall or virtual market place where the identity and policies of the seller are not precise and transparent.
  • You are transacting with a secure website. Your personal details are encrypted using the latest industry standard SSL 128 bit encryption technology.
  • Shopping online at Australiana Online is easy and convenient and the quality and service are guaranteed.



"No Risk Shopping" Refund & Exchange Policy

Our customers are our No. 1 priority. We value your business and are confident you will be more than satisfied with the quality of your purchase from Australiana Online.

Refunds & Exchanges

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any purchase you make from Australiana Online simply email us for a 'Return Form' from us, complete the form and return the form with your purchase within 30 days of you receiving the product for a refund or an exchange (see below for "How to make a Return") . Products for a refund or an exchange must be undamaged and in as new condition. Upon receipt of the product at Australiana Online we will refund or give a credit for exchange, which ever you choose, for the entire purchase price including freight on the original purchase. Freight charges for return of goods to Australiana Online are the purchasers responsibility, we do not accept the return of goods sent Cash on Delivery (COD).

Where an order is for a quantity in excess of normal retail sales i.e a large corporate order, and we have to order in stock to satisfy the order we will only provide a refund if the product is faulty or not properly described in accordance with legislation.

Faulty, Missing or Wrong Products

If a product is faulty, a product has been left out of your order, or is not the product you ordered please email us within 7 days of receiving your order so we can resolve any issues quickly. We will organise for a 'Return Form' to be emailed to you for faulty or wrong products. Complete the 'Return Form', and return the form with the product within 30 days for a full refund (including freight) or an exchange (see below for "How to make a Return").

Goods Damaged in Transit

Australiana Online take great care in packaging your purchase. If your purchase is damaged in transit please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. If you are in Australia you will need to return the damaged product to us along with the 'Return Form' within 30 days for assessment.

If your purchase is damaged in transit overseas please email us within 7 days of receiving your order. You will need to take the items purchased and the packaging to your local post office and obtain a "Damage Report" (Indemnity Report). Send us a copy of the "Damage Report", "Order Confirmation", and any digital photographs that may assist us with your refund.

Method of Refunds

Australiana Online Pty Ltd will refund to your credit card, or if payment was made by PayPal we will refund to your PayPal account. If payment was made by cheque or direct deposit we can post an Australian Dollar cheque or deposit directly into your bank account.

How to make a Return

All we ask is that you complete the following 3 easy steps:

  • email us for a 'Return Form' and complete the details and sign,
  • provide a copy of the 'Order Details' that were emailed to you, and
  • send to us (i) the 'Return Form', (ii) copy of the 'Order Details', and (iii) product (properly packaged) in its original, undamaged condition with its packaging, instructions, and labels, to

                               Australiana Online Pty Ltd

                               PO Box 6

                               Coffs Harbour NSW 2450



Our Terms, Conditions, & Disclaimers

The following are our Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers under which we transact business with you.

We are Australiana Online Pty Ltd and our ABN is 58 113 209 206. This website and its use is governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia.

The use of this website is governed by the following Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers. By using this website you agree to the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers as set out. If you disagree with any of the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers please do not make any purchases and leave this website. Australiana Online Pty Ltd reserves the right to add, change or delete any or all of the Terms, Conditions, & Disclaimers without notice. Any addition, change, or deletion to the Terms, Conditions, & Disclaimers will become effective 30 calendar days from the date of the addition, change, or deletion.

If you are accessing this website from a country other than Australia, by continuing to access this website you acknowledge that you agree with these Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers and you agree to indemnify Australiana Online Pty Ltd for any damages, losses or costs you incur as a consequence of accessing and using this website.

Standard Terms

All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars. Prices of products are subject to change at any time without notification. We only accept payment in Australian Dollars. We accept payment by credit card, paypal, direct deposit, or cheque drawn on an Australian Bank in Australian Dollars. Purchases paid for by cheque will not be shipped until cleared funds have been received in to our bank account. All goods remain the property of Australiana Online Pty Ltd until payment (cleared funds) has been received in full. Whilst we take care to have all products available for shipping, Australiana Online Pty Ltd does not guarantee the availability of any product on this website.

Australiana Online Pty Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject your order for any reason. All orders accepted and supplied by Australiana Online Pty Ltd are on the basis that the customer agrees to and abides by these Terms, Conditions, & Disclaimers.

Overseas Customers

All purchases are charged in Australian Dollars by Australiana Online Pty Ltd. Customers whose local currency is not Australian Dollars will have the cost of their purchase converted to their local currency by their credit card provider.

Any customs duties, import duties, tariffs, other taxes, or other charges incurred, or any delays in delivery or confiscations are always the responsibility of the purchaser. Australiana Online Pty Ltd is not liable for any loss, costs incurred, or damages resulting from charges, duties, tariffs, taxes, delays, confiscations, or non-delivery of products.

Refunds & Exchanges

Claims for a refund or exchange must be made within 30 days of receipt of the product. A 'Return Form' obtained from Australiana Online Pty Ltd must be completed and signed before an exchange or refund can be processed. Refer to the 'Refund & Exchange Policy' on this page.

For faulty, missing, or wrong products please email us within 7 days of receiving your order so we can make enquiries and resolve any issues.


Delivery times are indicative only and we cannot guarantee to meet scheduled delivery times. Australiana Online Pty Ltd is not liable for any loss, costs incurred, or damages resulting from delays, confiscation, or non-delivery of products. Any customs duties, tariffs, taxes, or other charges incurred, or delays or confiscations by Customs authorities in the purchaser's country are the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchases or combined purchases weighing in excess of 15kg will have the freight charge notified by email prior to despatch of the order. Refer to the 'Shippingpage for further information.


Australiana Online Pty Ltd cannot accept responsibility for the security of information you send to, or receive from us over the internet or for any unauthorised access or use of that information. Refer to our 'Privacy Policy' page for further information.

Fraudulent Activities

Australiana Online Pty Ltd records the IP address used when an online purchase is made and checks credit card details for unauthorised use of a credit card, the use of an invalid credit card, or the supplying of a false name and personal details. 

Product Dimensions and Colours

Where sizes are displayed they are approximate dimensions only. They are displayed to help you visualise the product. We have attempted to reproduce the colour of each of our products in the displayed images, but some colour variations may occur due to lighting, and your internet browser and monitor settings.

Any accessories or props photographed with the product are not included with the product, and are not for sale.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, Australiana Online Pty Ltd and it's Directors and employees are not liable to you or any third party for any indirect or consequential damage or loss in connection with the use of this website. 


Australiana Online Pty Ltd has taken reasonable care in producing this website, however changes may occur at any time that impact on the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on the website. The website and information therein may contain errors, or omissions. To the extent permitted by law, Australiana Online Pty Ltd does not warrant the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of information on this website or omitted from this website.

All rights in the website, including it's contents, graphics, and images, are reserved by Australiana Online Pty Ltd. No part of the website including images may be modified, transmitted, reproduced or stored in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information and retrieval systems, without the prior written permission of Australiana Online Pty Ltd.

Links to Third Party Websites

Links to third party websites should not be considered as an endorsement, recommendation, or approval of those sites or the products, services, or information they contain.

Virus Protection

We recommend that you use a firewall and anti-virus software with up-to-date virus definitions. Whilst we take precautions, Australiana Online Pty Ltd cannot guarantee that this website or linked websites are free of viruses, or any other damaging software/programmes. We are not liable for any interference, damage, or loss to you or your computer system in connection with the use of this website.