Aboriginal Contemporary Art Clapsticks

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A pair of handpainted timber clapsticks. Clapsticks are a traditional instrument used to keep the beat along with the didgeridoo during corroborees.

The clapsticks are approx. 25cm (10") long. They are handpainted with a variety of different native animals in a contemporary style.

As each clapstick is hand painted there are differences in the design - every clapstick is unique!

Please select your perferred claptick design - background colour and animals when making your purchase, in the 'Clapsticks design' box near the price. If you don't select a preferred design we will send you any design that is available. See the description on the large photo for the clapstick design name. 

The clapsticks are boxed and when wrapped would be a nice Australia gift.

Australian Made