Aboriginal Animal Dot Art Boomerang - Framed

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This is a nice Australian gift, perfect as a presentation gift or Australiana gift for a special occasion. A framed hand painted boomerang.

Authentic hand painted Aboriginal art.

The various Aboriginal animal depictions include kangaroo, emu, crocodile, platypus, goanna and turtle.

The boomerang measures approx. 25cm (10") and has a dot design. It is professionally framed in a black timber frame with black matboard and is ready to hang.

The approx. frame size is 400mm x 220mm (almost 16" x 8.5").

As each boomerang is hand painted there are differences in the designs and colours used - every boomerang is unique!

If you have a preference for a particular animal and background colour select your preference in the boomerang design box near the price.

Made in Australia.

The framed boomerang is nicely presented in an open face box with artists pictures and details on the back.

If you require more of these boomerangs than we have available send us an email and we'll order more in for you.

These great gifts can be customised with a plaque to commemorate your special occasion, function or presentation - send us an email if you require further information.

Australian Made

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