Aboriginal Animal Dot Art Boomerang and Stand

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A hand painted Aboriginal animal dot art timber boomerang with stand. The animals vary between kangaroo, echidna, emu, crocodile, goanna (lizard), turtle and platypus.

The colours also vary. As each boomerang is hand painted there are differences in the design - each boomerang is unique!

If you prefer a particular animal and colour on the boomerang select the boomerang design in the 'boomerang design' box near the price. The photo has the boomerang design name, for example 'blue crocodile'.

The boomerang measures approx. 25cm (10") and has a dot design. The timber stand has a plaque stating: 'Handpainted by Aboriginal Families'.

The boomerang and stand are nicely presented in a box.

These authentic Aboriginal art boomerangs are made and hand painted in Australia -  not all boomerangs sold in shops are!

Please select your preferred boomerang design in the 'boomerang' design box near the price.

Notice the two different types of stands.

Australian Made